Energy Brokering & Procurement

With our partnerships with 65+ of the nation's top electricity & natural gas provider, you can rest assured that you are receiving the most comprehensive energy plan for your organization or home.

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Solar Installation

Solar technology continues to evolve rapidly, providing your business with more choices and better solutions. Solar gives you the option to diversify your energy portfolio and hedge against rising
electricity costs.

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LED Retrofit

Whether it's a high-end design build or retro-fit project, our LED partners can provide turn-key, ROI driven solutions to meet the demanding needs of today's developer.

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Atlantis Light & Power VS. Traditional Brokers


Our Experience Vs. Traditional Energy Broker

We Cover Electricity & Natural Gas In All Deregulated Energy States In The US


When you join the Atlantis Light and Power platform you have access to both suppliers and support in every deregulated energy state in the United States and Canada.  We have already done all the heavy lifting of acquiring all required licensing and establishing direct relationships will the vetted, national suppliers.

We are the first to market in every new state, and we are constantly adding to our network of over 80+ suppliers to give property owners & managers more choices. Join today and shrink your electricity bill overnight.


Atlantis Light and Power Coverage Service Map

Since 1993

Since 1993

Save Money & Save the Planet

Atlantis Light & Power offers a complete range of electricity services to homes and businesses in deregulated Texas — from innovative electricity products and energy intelligence to renewable energy solutions.

When buying traditional electricity services combined with our high-quality solar power assets, we can offer even better rates to our commercial customers. Atlantis is dedicated to helping American homes and businesses with high-quality, affordable, resilient and sustainable energy solutions.

Atlantis Light & Power

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Check out rates & request a quote online on our AtlantisB2B Portal, contact our commercial sales team at [email protected], call the CEO directly or ask your energy consultant to contact Atlantis Light & Power on your behalf: (855) 85-ENERG.


Contact our commercial sales team at [email protected] or obtain a free rate check & pricing online through the AtlantisB2B Portal.

If you aren’t familiar with our industry-leading technology, request a demonstration at [email protected] and put the power of this impressive tool working to your advantage.

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